One Large Silver Disk

One Large Silver Disk

Date: June 23, 1955

Location: Beach Haven Park, NJ

3 women hanging clothes saw a UFO come down over bay, hover for 30 seconds, then take off so fast it seemed to disappear.

On a clear early morning, my mother, aunt and next door neighbor were hanging clothes in their back yards.

When my aunt looked and saw a large silver disk with a dome on top & bottom hovering over the bay 4 houses away, about 100' out.

The other 2 women looked & started yelling to their kids to come out.

I was a child of 7 when I flew out the back steps and saw a huge spacecraft take off straight up and disappear.

My mother, aunt, and neighbor were shaking and running in all directions.

The women were in their 30s and 40s, sane women, and the neighbor's husband was in politics in Redbank, NJ.

They ran up to the local grocery store and heard other people had sighted UFOs that winter on the beach.

At that time Long Beach Island was scarcely populated during the winter months, in June, the season had not quite started.

My mother & neighbor are now deceased, but my aunt is still alive, and lucid.

The UFO made no sound.

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