Triangle Sighting in Germany

Triangle Sighting in Germany

Date: July - 1984

Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

It was a warm summer night. Have been out at the river Isar, me and 2 girls and a friend of mine.

Laying on the warm beach and looking into the sky. One of the girls, which never had seen a shooting star in her life said:

Look at this. Is this a shooting star?

What we have seen was absolutely breathtaking.

3 multicolred lights with a triangle dark shadow between the edges hoovered over the sky from west to east.

It was from our point of view in a short distance to the horizon and was incredible big. The distances between the lights must have been 90' to 100'. There was absolutely no noise at all. The lights stay in the same distances to each other the whole time of the sighting. There was a light dust in the sky from the river. The object was flying at low speed and vanished east in the dust.

It is a long time ago. Trying to find the witnesses will be not easy, but not impossible.

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