Battle Of L.A. UFO II

Battle Of L.A. UFO II

Date: February 26, 1942

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I am a eye witness to the war over Los Angeles in 1942.

I can see the planes in my head as if it was yesterday.

They were about 2 miles off the end of runway 21 at Douglas Aircraft.

I am a experienced pilot with a life long interest in aviation.

My family was living 3 blocks from the intersection Overland Ave. & National blvd. in West Los Angeles.

The anti aircraft guns were located on Overland Ave. between National Blvd. on the East side of Overland Ave.

It was said that they were there to protect Douglas Aircraft located down National Blvd. about 2 miles.

In the middle of the night, all Hell broke loose.

My mom, dad, and I went outside.

I counted about 12 airplanes in the search lights.

They looked like little white crosses.

There was little smoke because the shooting just began.

They were very clear.

They were really high up there and they were flying at a realistic speed.

Maybe they were out of range of the guns.

We were outside about a minute when my dad realized that the planes would be flying right over our heads.

We went inside and my dad placed a mattress over me and my sister.

The next day, my dad drove us over just North of National Blvd. and we saw houses burned from the falling debris.

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