Baton Rouge Encounters

Baton Rouge Encounters

January 12 & 13, 1967

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

3 photos in Louisiana encounters with a strange vacuum cleaner sounding object North oF Baton Rouge have resulted in 2 photographs and an interesting if eerie account by a Louisiana gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous.

It was around 4:00 p.m. when the strange object first caught my attention.

I was sitting in my boat on the West side of Old River, the sky was overcast and it was typically cool for January in this part of Louisiana.

It was quite by accident that I glanced to the East and saw the object approaching, almost in a straight line toward me.

Instantly I thought of the camera I carry almost everywhere I go.

I reached down, snatched it up, and by this time it was almost on top of me.

But it didn't continue its course, for as I caught it in the viewfinder, it began a rather slow turn to the right.

That's when I released the shutter and caught it at about a 4° angle, there was no time for a second shot.

In about 5 seconds it had completed its turn and at a high rate of speed, disappeared into the East.

That was how the first of 3 exceptionally detailed Polaroid pictures were taken.

But the day wasn't over yet.

Around 9:00 p.m., while checking his trout lines 2 miles South of the North end of old River the gentlemen above heard an unusual sound, like a huge vacuum cleaner running full blast, but at a distance.

He headed in the direction of the sound in his motor boat, unable to see anything because the night was pitch black.

I couldn't hear the noise over the boat motor but when he shut it down, the vacuum noise was there again and much stronger than before.

He turned the boat around and headed for camp, When he got back and stopped the motor, the sound was gone.

He tried to get some sleep.

The next morning he was on the lookout for the object.

The first thing he noticed was an unusually large number of dead fish along the river bank.

He had noticed dead fish before, but not so many.

He pointed out that his attention may have been drawn to them because the UFO sighting was still fresh in his mind as well as the eerie noise of the night before.

Around 1:00 a.m. he decided to do some target shooting with his rifle.

Taking his camera along he started walking along the bank, keeping the river in sight.

Not far from the camp, he heard what sounded like a million crows, chattering like crazy, in a clump of trees across the river.

He looked in the direction and there it was again, that same or a similar object, in the sky above the opposite bank.

Again it appeared to move straight toward him but this time it was further away.

He got the camera up to his eye and waited for it to get closer.

Then, when it began a turn as it had previously done, he snapped the picture, quickly pulled the exposed film out of the camera and snipped another.

By the time the second shot was taken, the object had completed its turn and had risen like an elevator, up into the overcast.

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