Barito River area, Borneo, Indonesia Sighting

Barito River area, Borneo, Indonesia Sighting

Date: July 23 1952

Location: Borneo, Indonesia

28 year old Theo L. Smeets, a local tour pilot was exploring a jungle area when he came upon a clearing, and on the clearing encountered a hovering shiny disk shaped object with luminous portholes encircling a central dome.

The craft hovered very close to the ground but did not actually touch it. Three 3' tall humanoids stood about 30' from the UFO. The humanoids had large eyes, large heads, long arms, small mouths and pointed chins.

The humanoids approached Smeets and communicated with him in an Indonesian dialect, explaining to him that they hailed from a planet called Homan located in the star system called Wolf.

Before leaving, the small humanoids collected some tree branches and other ground samples and then walked back into the object. As the humanoids disappeared into the object there was a very bright explosion of light and the object vanished.

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