Humanoid Sighting in Baracaldo

Humanoid Sighting in Baracaldo

Date: October 29, 1976

Location: Baracaldo, Spain

6 young men were out playing near a walled in field close to the local cemetery when they heard a loud crackling sound, 2 of the boys then noticed an object resembling a telephone booth descend towards the walled field.

The 2 boys ran to the field and saw the object land behind some bushes on 3 leg like protrusions, it also emitted a white and red light.

An oval shaped opening became visible from which a red light shone, then 2 very tall human like figures emerged. The figures wore tight fitting black diving suits and wide bright belts. Both figures walked slowly towards the wall, the boys could now see bright shiny eyes but no other facial features.

One of the humanoids banged on the wall several times, and then both walked to the center of the yard. One of them then pulled out a long thin object from a sack on his side and pointed it at the wall, a long thin beam of light came out of the object and hit the wall several times, at one point the beam turned white. Moments later both figures walked back to their craft.

The witnesses ran to tell their families and did not see the object depart.

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