Hundreds Of Objects In Sky

Hundreds Of Objects In Sky

Date: July, 10, 1957

Location: Baltimore, MD

Myself & 3 other boys had entered the back gate of the Carlin's drive inn theater to see a movie.

We had been there approximately an hour before I noticed the sound of loud roaring.

I looker all around and did not see anything, until I looker up.

I observed hundreds of what appeared to be aircraft lights.

The craft appeared to be flying in a triangle formation, there were approximately 100 craft in each triangle.

Each triangle was attached to the other, approximately 3 in all.

I got the attention of the other boys that were with me, who were busy talking about other things.

The other boys saw what I saw which validated to me that I was not seeing things.

We speculated that they must be military.

But I was never able to figure out why that many U.S. planes were flying over American air space at that hour.

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