Silver Disk Flying West

Silver Disk Flying West

Date: June 30, 1948

Location: Baltimore, MD

2 UFOS in flight over Baltimore leaving trails no sound that influence me.

They flew at a angle about 45° from us.

There were 2, One lag to the right of the first.

No sound.

They looked oval, but I believed they were circular, because of the angle we were observing.

They were a dim yellow/orange color.

I believe their color glow were not intentional, but was due to friction of the air.

Large and beautiful.

Their edges were sharp and defined.

They left a trail that was thin like white thread about 2½ their length and at the end it disputed with a short white wiggly trail.

Mother and sister and others were the observers.

I was too young to do anything then, but it influence my career in physics.

I know someone must have reported it.

I can't find any information of UFOs over Baltimore.

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