Suspected Ball Lightning

Suspected Ball Lightning

A friend and I were camping, and both saw, jumped and pointed, at a white orb that appeared near us.

It was maybe 4" to 6Ē in diameter. It glowed a soft white, and it looked like there was smoke inside of it. It was near a pure circle, and was silent.

It appear about 8í off the ground, and floated up through the trees, almost looking like it was guided, missed tree limbs. It lasted about 10 seconds.

Iím not a superstitious person at all. I canít explain it. I suspect Ball Lightning, but I really donít know.

Ball lightning is one of the rarest and most dangerous forms of lightning. Itís not a UAP, itís not a will oí wisp.

Itís pure danger. I believe in phenomena, but do not underestimate ball lightning.

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