Girl Sees Cigar Shaped Craft Hovering

Girl Sees Cigar Shaped Craft Hovering

Date: June 6, 1958

Location: Baldwin Park, CA

I was about 11 years of age, lived in Baldwin Park on a dead end street, there was a huge area across the street which was fenced off, there was a large hole there and machinery for breaking down stone and such, we called it the rock crusher.

I was out in my front yard and just looking around and at the area where the rock breaking machine was, and I saw a long, cigar shaped craft not far off the ground, it was huge.

I rather remember it being brownish/red in color.

I never mentioned it to anyone, after all I was only 11 and who would believe a child and even adults are not often believed.

I have never spoken about it, let alone written about it.

Reading reports and making note that there are cigar shaped crafts made me decide to make mention of the fact that I had, in fact, seen one.

This was quite a long time ago and, since I was a child, I cannot readily remember how long it was there.

I do remember, however, that it was hovering, standing still in the air and that it was huge.

I think I saw what appeared to be windows as well and they appeared down the length of the craft.

Since it has been over 40 years ago and I was rather young, that is about all I can recall of the event.

I am sure it was not a dirigible or blimp or balloon.

It was very low in the horizon as I remember and it was more longish rather than roundish as a blimp tends to be, although I have seen blimps with lights that could have fooled one into believing that they something else until seen clearly.

It was quite a long time ago and I have always remembered it as I have always been one to read books on UFO, science fiction, mythology, theology.

I am a bit higher than normal in intelligence and I don't imagine seeing things so far.

I am not great in remembering names, but extremely good at remember faces and events, some events are almost cellular and/or visceral in their recall, remembering conversations, emotions, scenes of events, textures.

What I recall was a longish, cigar shaped, (which really threw me because all the movies about UFOs showed disk shaped objects.

Like the War of the Worlds object suspended not too far off the ground, at horizon level.

It was rather flat there, unlike where I live now, not too far from the Hollywood Hills.

It appeared to be a brownish/red color and really long.

I didn't stick around too long and, more than likely, went inside.

Uncommon events tend to make one unsure of the true nature of things and since I was only about 11 years old,

I had nothing to relate what I saw to.

I tucked it away in my memory banks and there it has stayed until I started reading some of the sightings listed on your site.

I never realized others have seen flying cigars also.

Cigar, in my mind, is the best way to describe what I saw then, rather bizarre.

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