Orangish Saucer With Black Rotating Center

Orangish Saucer With Black Rotating Center

Date: April 26, 1959

Location: Baden, PA

I'm not positive about the year, it's only approximated, between 1959 & 1960.

I was a young teen accompanied by a friend for these witnessings.

The object was across the Ohio River from us, hovering over a large steel mill, J&L Steel in Aliquippa, PA.

The object would hover for many moments, then move extremely quickly to another location, hover.

And then streak to a new location and hover again while we watched.

It was saucer shaped, the main color being an orangish/peachish, almost fluorescent rim with a black rotating center.

We could definitely see the center rotating separately from the main body of the craft.

We saw this craft on probably 3 or 4 occasions within the span of 2 or 3 weeks and each time we witnessed it.

It would stay visible for about 20 minutes or so.

We told our parents about it, but of course were not believed.

As time went on though, I talked to quite a few people in the vicinity who had witnessed the same thing.

Why it was never reported to anyone, I have no idea.

I am now 54 years of age, and have never forgotten these episodes.

I live a normal life working my 9 -5 job, and am not some sort of nutball.

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