Spherical Object Came From High Altitude

Spherical Object Came From High Altitude

Date: August 15, 1951

Location: Bad Aibling, West Germany

I saw this strange flying object in the summer of 1951 in Bavaria, Germany, near the city of Bad Aibling.

3 of us were walking home after a late movie which ended close to 11:00 p.m.

The path home was through hilly fields in an area that was not populated.

The starry night was clear and moonless.

One of the friends saw something odd in the sky but he did not say anything right away.

A few minutes later he stopped us to point to an object in the sky which was different, unlike other stars.

It was spherical, orange in color and at that instant it was grapefruit sized.

We stood watching this object as it came closer and grew in size.

When it got closer to us, a flat ring became visible rotating around the sphere, similar to Saturn.

As the objects size became like a basketball the ring could be distinguished as a fine jet or plasma circulating the periphery of the sphere.

Then the sphere started to tilt, slowly it tilted until the concentric ring became perpendicular to the ground, then the sphere picked up speed and moved in a curve following the contour of the ground.

It flew at a moderate speed away disappearing behind the next hill.

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