B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

B-52 Shot Down By A UFO

Date: 1970s

Location: Laos

This incident is a part of Project Grudge, a U.S. Air Force investigation of UFO sightings which supposedly ended in 1951. But UFO researchers believe that it was still operating in Vietnam.

In the 1970s, Green Beret Captain William English was assigned to Laos to investigate a downed B-52 bomber. The aircraft was lost under mysterious circumstances, with some last communications from the downed plane making frantic claims that they were under attack from a UFO which looked like a large light.

The USAF was eager to retrieve evidence from it.

Captain English successfully found the bomber, which seemed in unusually good shape. The only damage on the bomber was normal damage expected from a crash landing.

When English opened the hatch, he found all the crew still strapped in their seats but horribly disfigured and mutilated, although there was no blood anywhere. Other than this, the rest of the cockpit was supposedly completely pristine, undamaged, and in working order.

Dog tags were taken from the bodies and code books removed and the aircraft was blown up, the bombs still being onboard. The incident was similar one involving a Soviet AN-2P mail plane in 1961 except none of the crew where found.

English collected samples and turned the bodies in for autopsy. But after the incident, the Laos government deported him. Whether or not this story is true, it is an interesting tale from the end of the Vietnam War.

Oddly, the aircraft was found to be fully intact and sitting on the jungle floor as if carefully placed there, with no trail of levelled vegetation to indicate a crash landing.

An inspection of the hull showed no signs of external damage from a crash or indications of being hit by weapons. The only damage that could be found was discovered on the bottom of the plane, as if it had been simply dropped there from some height.

Air Force records have no B-52 crashing in Southeast Asia between July 1969 and July 1972.

This could be because the records were altered to hide the truth from the public. The plane had crashed after a hostile encounter with a UFO described as a large white light.

From this point onward, the story gets a little bit sketchy, or tougher to believe. So take it with however many grains of salt, just items I found while Googling.

Several weeks afterwards the team was ambushed and mostly wiped out. English was taken prisoner but escaped when he killed his guard. He was found in the jungle by U.S. forces.

English left the Army in 1973. In 1976 he was working as an intelligence analyst at RAF Chicksands, a major USAF/NSA electronic listening post in England. His wife was teaching in the base school.

On June 29. 1976 he was given a 625 page document titled Grudge/Blue Book. Report #13 to assess.

The document detailed captured alien craft, including their weapons, autopsies of the alien bodies, and close encounter reports. Notes by Dr. J.Allen Hynek and others written in Cyrillic hand writing were in the document. Also in the document were photos English had taken of the dead crew of the B-52 that had crashed in Laos. Also included was the fact that the bomber had crashed after being attacked by a UFO.

English was convinced the report was authentic when he saw his own photos.

A few weeks after this, English was dismissed from his post.

This is either because of his positive assessment of Report #13 or because he was not meant to see it. He was dismissed by the base commander, Colonel Robert Black and deported back to the USA the very same day.

In around 1980, in Tucson, AZ, English was approached by Colonel Black, who said he too had been released from the USAF for reasons connected with Report #13. He told English he had evidence of a large UFO buried somewhere on White Sands Missile Range and asked him to join an expedition to find it. English, Black, and a former USAF sergeant equipped a 4x4 van and infiltrated the range. They were financed by the sale of English's leather goods business.

One night on this trip English was about 3000' from the van when helicopters came into view and rocketed the van, destroying it and killing his companions in the vehicle at the time. English escaped on foot to Tucson where he rested at the home of UFO researcher Wendelle Stevens. He discovered his own home was under surveillance and left Tucson by a series of subterfuges. He eventually settled in Lynchburg, VA and worked as a cameraman at WSET television for some years.

Ei8ght years later English began to tell his story. He claimed that 15 attempts had been made on his life while he was hiding. In one attack he said 2 men armed with sub machine guns fired on his home for 15 solid minutes. No help came even though the local police station was 600' down the street.

English reportedly could not remember details from the crash. He could not remember the tail number of the B-52, the number of his A-team or recognize a CAR-15, the preferred weapon of Special Forces personnel. His memories were possibly altered to conceal these details and try to discredit him.

Such loses of memory are common in alien abductions and not out of consideration for the military to use to conceal secret information.

There is no record of a Colonel Black ever commanding RAF Chicksands. There is no record of a William S. English being deported from the United Kingdom.

Colonel Black may have been a fictitious officer created to expel English from any contact with the military at all. He was then used again when it was decided to eliminate English altogether. Unfortunately, he was not in the van when it was destroyed.

The tale of William S. English is one of conspiracy. He saw a B-52 downed by a UFO and the military then spent the next 20 years first trying to discredit him then to eliminate him to try to conceal the truth.

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