Interactive Encounter

Interactive Encounter

Date: June 1, 1960

Location: Avon Lake, OH

3 people had an interactive encounter with 3 UFO lights that were within 15' of us for over 20 minutes.

I saw the Strange Evidence episode on the Science Channel about ball lightning, and do I have a story for you.

In 1960, when I was a science junkie in Jr. High School, my friend, his Father and I had a strange, interactive encounter that to this day remains unexplained.

My friend retired from the Air Force and several years ago we met in person after he retired as a career Air Traffic Controller.

Of course, the elephant in the room was our encounter when we were young teenagers in Avon Lake, OH.

Our recollection was exactly the same of the event which occurred in the Summer of 1960 shortly after dark.

My friend & I were hanging out in his backyard when we noticed the 3 white lights hovering among the branches of one tree.

He went and asked his Father to join us.

What the 3 of us witnessed in Northern Ohio that night was 3 white lights hovering among the tree branches 8' to 10' above our heads.

They were within a foot or so of each other.

Their glow could be seen through the tree leaves directly beneath these white lights.

They were about the size of large, round dinner plates and appeared to be almost flat.

There were no other light sources or beams of light in the backyard of my friendís house.

Any other external light sources would have reflected off of the leaves of the tree.

Now here is where it gets unbelievable.

A couple times I threw a small rock at one of these lights and each time the one I aimed at moved to avoid being hit.

Due to the close spacing between these 3 lights, no human(s) operating a light source would have any way of knowing beforehand which light I was trying to hit, and only the light I was trying to hit moved out of the way each time, while the other two hovered without moving.

These lights continued to hover until the three of us finally went into our homes for the night.

Weather was clear and in the 70s, a residential area any explanation would be appreciated.

Mysterious white lights react to external stimuli.

I saw the Strange Evidence episode on the Science Channel about ball lightning, and I have a story for you.

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