Walking Home From Dance Lessons

Walking Home From Dance Lessons

Date: August 15, 1957

Location: Auburn, MA

This all took place in 1956 or 1957 when I was 10 or 11 years old.

It was a warm August night, about 9:30 pm. my friend & I were walking home from dance lessons at the church.

We were almost home, when I noticed a faintly glowing ball of light in one of our neighbors yard.

It was about the size of a softball, & was purplish/yellow,& greenish.

We watched it for about 15 seconds and I began to walk towards it.

It in turn, moved in my direction.

I came to a stop when it did, it wandered over a small flower garden for about 30 seconds, then continued to wander out to the street.

It took a left turn, where the driveway met the road.

I then began to follow it again, it seemed to grow to just under the size of a basket ball.

It moved up the street as though it had eyes, meaning the faster I moved, the faster it moved.

A couple came out their front door & yelled at me that i was crazy, and to get away from that thing.

We all stood in the street and watched the glowing light move up the street and disappear into Bonzies woods.

It was only about 1 minute later that there was a very large explosion.

The state police, and the Attleboro bomb squad showed up, they said it must have been ball lightning.

This took place in Auburn, MA.

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