15 To 20 Grapefruit In A V Formation

15 To 20 Grapefruit In A V Formation

Date: April 26, 1954

Location: Athens, GA

Cecil M. Cartey, Howard & Mabel Hopkins and their daughter Betty, saw 15 or 20 objects in the skies above Athens, flying somewhere below 6,000', and at tremendous speed in a V or check mark shaped formation.

Appearing to be the size and color of grapefruit, they moved smoothly and soundlessly, in a straight and level flight, to a higher elevation going south to north where they disappeared, they sped from horizon to horizon in 10 seconds.

Cartey stated that a few seconds after the objects went north, and coming directly from the trail they had taken, a brilliant white object appeared. He described it as a baseball that moved in a blast of speed and which went through scattered clouds and disappeared into the southwest, and was out of sight before he could call attention to it.

The Air Force listed this incident as an official unknown and stated that this was a very reliable report.

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