Landed UFO With Entity

Landed UFO With Entity

Date: June 15, 1937

Location: Ashby, MN

In 1937 my 12 year old brother saw a flying saucer in pasture,

Flat on bottom rounded.

Talked to man.

He was getting the cows.

Saw man outside saucer.

Exterior width about 10'.

Seemed to be flat but does not know if it was on ground or stilts.

It rounded to be about a foot higher than a 12 year old boy.

He thinks it had windows around it.

Saw interior chair with dashboard but did not see instruments.

Exterior had steps leading out.

He was late in getting cows and had to walk at least ⅓ of mile.

When he returned it was gone.

He tells in depth what the guy looked like.

About his size.

Has been telling this story for years is 97 and sharp as can be.

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