White Sands Incident/C.B. Moore Case

White Sands Incident/C.B. Moore Case

Date: April 24, 1949

Location: Arrey, NM

General Mills meteorologist and balloon expert Charles B. Moore and 4 Navy crew on a balloon launch crew saw a white, round ellipsoid, shadowed yellowish on one side, length/width ratio 2.5x, cross the sky from the south azimuth 210º elevation 45º to the east at about 5º/sec angular velocity, passing near the sun 126º azimuth 60º elevation, tracked by Moore viewing through 25x ML-47 theodolite after it came out of the sun.

Object seemed to turn to the north, maintained constant azimuth at about 20º- 25º when it suddenly climbed from 25º to 29º elevation in 10 seconds and disappeared by distance or dust obscuration.

Distance unknown, by assuming 57 miles, velocity is then 5 mi/sec or 18,000 mph, earth orbital velocity, not escape velocity, but this is pure assumption.

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