Yellowish/Silver Sphere

Yellowish/Silver Sphere

Date: June 1, 1961

Location: Aroostook, New Brunswick, Canada

I was a boy of 7 years old, riding my bike on the street in front of my home, I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was at dusk, still very much daylight.

I was busily pedaling my bike from a dead stop, and looking toward my right.

Then, popping up over the eastern horizon directly in my sight line came a Moon like object, yellowish/silver in color and moving very fast.

It flew right over my house and disappeared behind the tree line on the western horizon.

It probably took 12 or 15 seconds from eastern to western horizon.

In comparison it was bigger than any full Moon I've ever seen.

It also had some sort of protrusion at about 2 o'clock resembling an elongated Z like tail about ⅒th the diameter of the body of the object.

I had not even heard of flying saucers at this point and told myself that it was a comet because a comet was the only thing like this I'd ever of which had a tail.

I saw what I believed to be a similar object 30 years later.

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