Saucer Shaped Object Hovering

Saucer Shaped Object Hovering

Date: July 16, 1963

Location: Arlington Heights, IL

I have a UFO story that is unbelievable.

It was about 1963 and my husband & I were walking home from a trip to the neighborhood drug store.

Half way home and at a corner, something made me look up into the sky.

Right overhead and no higher than the planes coming into O'Hare airport was a flying saucer, hovering in place.

It was aluminum colored, had a huge white light in the bottom of the vehicle and around the middle a band of portholes.

There was a light behind the portholes and they seemed to be rotating very slowly.

We watched in awe and even waved at it.

Soon a one engine plane appeared and approached it, it had no problem avoiding it, up, down, sideways, it never let the plane get too close to it.

The plane finally left.

Then we thought it was leaving only to realize it was going out towards one of the passenger planes coming in for a landing.

The pilot saw it and for one moment veered off its path to look at it and then right back to its landing pattern.

The UFO then returned to where we were and hovered over us until it starting getting dark.

It then headed for downtown Chicago, we could see its light for a long time before it disappeared.

The UFO made no noise at any time.

There were lots of people watching but no one had a camera and we were too far from home to get ours, besides I wasn't about to leave.

We reported it and I am sure many others did too, because the morning paper printed a small article about it saying it was an advertisement pulled by a small plane.

Sure it was, right in the midst of the flight pattern being used at the time by O'Hare for all its flights.

My husband, a skeptic and a mechanical engineer would only comment that it was not like anything he had seen before.

I will never forget it and have been a complete believer in UFOs ever since.

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