Black Cowled Figures

Black Cowled Figures

Date: 1938

Location: Arizona Desert

Steve Brodie and a friend, Steve, were searching for precious stones in an isolated mesa, when Brodie heard his companion give a sharp shout of surprise.

As he looked up from his work, he saw a black cowled figure at the base of the mesa.

Another man in black immediately joined this strange figure.

The first intruder pointed a rod at Brodie, and the young man found himself unable to move.

Then heard his friend begin to run.

The other cowled figure then pointed a similar rod at Brodie's companion and Steve heard him scream.

At once the air was filled with the acrid odor of burnt flesh.

Steve then watched helplessly as a third figure approached him with what appeared to be a set of small earphones. When the figure went behind, Brodie felt something beneath his ears, and then he blacked out.

All Brodie could remember about his captivity was 3 or4 brief periods of consciousness, during these times he found himself penned with other humans in cage like enclosures.

On each occasion, just as Brodie's head would begin to clear, a black cowled figure would approach him, freeze him into immobility with the rod, and adjust the headset.

One day he found himself walking near Times Square not remembering how he got there.

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