Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

Air Force Captures Damaged UFO

Date: December 14, 1992

Location: Arizona Desert

A squadron of heavily armed Air Force fighter jets intercepted a damaged UFO over the Arizona desert and forced it to land at a remote base, where the huge vessel and its alien crew are being kept under wraps.

High ranking officials say the sensational capture was preceded by a dogfight at supersonic speeds high above the barren landscape. The UFO was having propulsion problems or the American jets never would have been able to keep up with the more advanced airship.

Neither side scored any direct hits, but the Air Force pilots made it clear they wanted the UFO to land by firing several blasts past the shiny metallic ship.

It was touch and go for a while there, the UFO had the capability of blowing our boys out of the sky, but they decided not to use force, said an insider who's seen the captured ship and crew.

The craft is saucer shaped and 300' in diameter. It stands over 30' tall and held a crew of 24 aliens.

The occupants are like looking beings about 4' tall. They have big smooth heads with large eyes and a small mouth.

We haven't been able to decipher their spoken language yet, but our interrogators have established a sort of sign language to communicate with them.

The highly intelligent beings claim they were on a routine mission when their craft developed operational problems. The ship commander intended to make an emergency landing to repair the trouble. They were scoping out the Arizona landscape when the Air Force radar picked up their ship. 6 fighter jets were scrambled and in the air in minutes.

We have some concern about the fact their ship is equipped with some very powerful weaponry, says the source. We want to be sure we're dealing with friendly visitors and not some scouting party for an invasion force or something.

We have to hand it to them. They did not fire upon us and they did have plenty of chances to do so. One mistake on either side and we could have found ourselves in the middle of a tense inter gallactic situation.

The UFO was intercepted on December 14, 1992. President Bush, members of his cabinet, and top military brass burned the midnight oil for many nights after the incredible incident.

Sources say then President elect Bill Clinton was invited to the hush hush sessions, since the UFO and crew are still being held at the top secret Arizona base and will remain hostage there until the government decides their fate.

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