Shocking Experience In North Chilean Desert

Shocking Experience In North Chilean Desert

Date: May 6, 1969

Location: Arica, Arica y Parinacota Region, Chile

One sphere, size of a house, moving slowly west to east crossing the road. At an estimated distance from our car 600' and not to high, 150' to 200'. We where in the middle of the desert returning from Tacna, the border of Peru to Arica the city we use to live in.

The most amazing thing was that the sphere was changing colors from blue to green,to red/yellow and the colors where moving on the sphere like floating on its surface and giving a look of a gaseoous and solid object at the same time. A look like liquid metal.

We saw it disappear slowly to the east and after that we started the car without saying word at least for 15 minutes after the observation, there wasn't anything to say it was an extreme shocking experience.

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