Rancher Observes Hovering Disk

Rancher Observes Hovering Disk

Date: March 18, 1950

Location: Lago Argentino, Argentina

Wilfredo Arevalo, a rancher, saw a huge disk land, another hovering above.

He got to within 500' of the landed UFO, which was giving off a greenish/blue vapor and an intense smell of burning benzene.

Above the saucer, a large flat disk was rotating, like a phonograph record.

In the center was a transparent cabin, he could see 4 tall men with pallid faces, dressed in cellophane, working at instruments.

Then the craft shone a searchlight on him, it lit up with blue light, and it rose up, emitting red & green flames and a faint hum.

Both craft sped off, leaving bluish trails.

Next day burnt grass was found at the site.

Several other witnesses to the UFO in flight.

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