McMurdo Sound Sighting

McMurdo Sound Sighting

Date: April 20, 1964

Location: McMurdo Sound, Naval Air Station, Antartica

During Operation Deep Freeze 6 members of a U.S. Coast Guard aircraft sighted a V formation of 9 objects glowing white and flying at an estimated 35,000' altitude.

They were flying from McMurdo Naval Base with supplies and were travelling in a C-130 turboprop transport airplane.

The right side observer first the objects approaching at about 400 knots from above and to their right side.

When they came abreast of the airplane they slowed to its speed.

After a short time they flew above above the airplane and took up position above and to their left side.

The pilot attempted to radio the ground but the radio was dead and their radar also stopped working.

When the pilot tried to switch to auxiliary power it too was not functioning.

At one point the airplane's engines stopped, the oil began to congeal in the very cold air.

Instead of loosing altitude it maintained a steady altitude and course.

The airplane alledgly continued flying in complete silence.

Then it entered a strange haze, likened to a white out, with air filled with static electricity.

There was electrical arcing from one's body to metal inside the fuselage.

The haze vanished after about 20 minutes.

The power returned and the crew was able to restart the engines in sequence.

The airplane had covered a distance of 265 nautical miles during the 45 minute period while travelling at from an indicated airspeed of from 175 knots.

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