We Were Confronted by 4 Anomalies

We Were Confronted by 4 Anomalies

Date: 1974

Location: Jackson, MS

About a year ago I was with my ex in the driveway of her house at 2:00 a.m. eating burgers.

Just sitting in the car and having a chat, nothing special really.

I notice some movement in the corner of my eye and donít even bother looking because the neighborhood is full of cats so random darting shapes in the peripheral vision is totally normal.

As time passes and our conversation continues I notice that she is occasionally looking at something up the driveway and I finally ask:

See any cats?

She has a rabbit in her yard and even in a cage she worries for him often since the cats like to sit outside of his cage and bother him even when itís covered with blankets. She gives an odd response of:

Oh yeah I think I saw something in the driveway.

She was incredibly nearsighted and it was dark but I overlooked the odd behavior and we continued to eat/talk.

Eventually I notice a much larger shape move in the corner of my eye and canít help but look back and over my shoulder to see what it is hoping there arenít people near the car at such a late hour.

Admittedly it was a bit of a sketchy neighborhood.

What I saw just outside the backseat window was no person however.

What I canít do is describe its appearance properly, no matter how long it sat still my brain couldnít fully process what I was looking at. It was just dark, shadowy figure roughly the size of a person. Maybe like 5' 6".

I think it had a head and a body as well but I canít say for certain. It was like looking at a real life censored object.

And it was staring back at me.

A formless spectral thing that immediately rang every alarm bell in my head. My eyes immediately filled with tears, my stomach dropped and I felt like I was getting pulled into its gaze.

As soon as I realized it was blocking the view of the tree behind it my fear grew worse. Any hope that it was a person immediately crumbled away when it moved.

It was a sort of flickering motion as though it went from existing to not existing from point A to B extremely fast. Point B was behind my car where it then stayed for another second before flickering out of sight completely.

I turned to my ex and she had a shocked look on her face and was looking at something else in another direction.

She turned to me and said:

You can see them too right?

Realizing that I wasnít hallucinating and that there was more than one prompted me to say:

Yeah Letís go inside.

We got out of the car and when I turned to watch her close her door another figure flickered past her back maybe 15' behind. At that point I could physically feel 4 separate anomalous things bearing down on us.

I could feel the pressure of them and my body was producing ungodly amounts of adrenaline. We made it inside and I immediately started saying:

Holy shit we just saw that. That shit is real. Was that fucking spirits or aliens or ?

Before she cut me off and said:

Donít talk about it. Stop talking about it.

We didnít talk about it for days, but my questions burned because what I saw was so profound that my whole stance on everything was changed.

Eventually she did talk about it and confirmed that there were 3 or 4 things harassing us that night. She didnít know why, I didnít know why.

For the next few months it felt like something in my mind shifted and changed a little bit. I started becoming more perceptive of weird shit like this and became more paranoid.

I even got fucked with many times and it was driving me insane.

But thatís another story so for now Iíll leave whoever reads this with the first real and insane shit I experienced.

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