Ankara Sighting

Ankara Sighting

Date: August 06, 2003

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Last night my 15 year old daughter experienced the UFO phenomenon once again.

Unfortunately I missed all 4 sightings. She was so affected by what she saw she slept with me last night asking me if they would come and get her. I comforted her in different ways and regretted that I had missed what she had observed. Here’s what happened:

As I was working at my pc, the door bell rang as if someone was sitting on it. My daughter was yelling at the top of her voice telling me to rush to the window. She was outside playing on the street, Alaçam Street, a street between Cinnah and Güvenlik Boulevards, with her friends from the neighborhood at about 10:30 p.m.

I ran to the window and opened it and said:


She said:

Look that way to the sky it’s a UFO. .

I turned my head but it was out of sight. I asked:

What did it look like?

At this time all the children started yelling with excitement telling the same thing in different ways. I asked my daughter to calmly explain what she saw.

She explained:

A round object reflecting 4 different colors yellow/red/blue and green was first seen as an approaching white bright light. They were sitting down and looking around while telling stories when one of the kids said:

What is that?

And pointed up. It then stopped, changed into multi colors and started turning or revolving around itself and then took off towards Atakule at the speed of a jet. All the children confirmed this. They were all hysterical.

I went back inside to continue my work and called Haktan to tell him about the sighting. About ten minuted my door bell rang again and I rushed to the window and my daughter and the other kids shouted:

It is gone you missed it again.

They had seen another UFO, white in color that came out from the same side, nnorthwest heading east, as the first one and slowly continued to the spot where the first one came from.

After some minutes my door bell rang again, I rushed to the window and my daughter Lila said:

This time I saw what looked like a star but it appeared from nowhere and headed north towards Ulus moving slowly. All the children were telling the passerby’s what they had seen and seemed ecstatic by the sightings.

As I decided to go outside myself I asked my 17 year old son if he cared to join me, he said no he would rather watch TV. I went to join the children who were at this time at the end of the street sitting down in position they had picked for better viewing. They were shouting among each other and I asked what is it?

They said another UFO went by and this one was constantly flashing lights like a plane as it was travelling but the lights went out all of a sudden and the UFO disappeared while they were observing it, so they were all asking each other where it went.

I sat with them for an hour and no UFO came back nor was there another sighting… I shall keep watching the skies where I live since the first multi colored UFO went over our apartment and seem to visit Ankara as well now. My daughter Lila can tell the difference between planes, jets. she has first seen a UFO in daylight a few years back at Petkim, Aliağa İzmir with her brother and others. There is no doubt in my mind she saw more than UFO’s in Ankara.

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