Air Force Pilots See UFO

Air Force Pilots See UFO

Date: November 18, 1948

Location: Andrews AFB/Camp Springs, Prince George's County, ME

USAF Lieutenants Jackson & Combs, 2 reserve pilots, aboard an Andrews AFB T-6 aircraft traveling 150 mph and 2 independent ground observers saw a highly maneuverable whitish/grey oval lighted object smaller than the T-6, cross over Andrews AFB from northeast to southwest and back again in a circular pattern from 4,000' dropping to 1,700' then climbing to 7,000'.

T-6 followed object to identify it, made 3 or 4 passes at the object while climbing, dove on the object at 240 mph but it dropped down and came up behind the T-6 and continued circling the base.

T-6 was able with difficulty to put object in front of city lights on the ground to try to make out details, and came within about 300' to 400' turned on landing light and object responded with a dull glow, then sped off to the northeast at 8,000+' and 500 to 600 mph disappearing.

Object’s speed varied from 80 to 600 mph in multi directional or omni directional flight, with vertical maneuverability, highly evasive with high acceleration.

Another reserve pilot, a USAF 2nd Lieutenant in another aircraft over the northeast corner of Andrews AFB at 1,000' saw the object directly overhead.

A further independent witness, USAF Staff Sergeant John J. Kushner, observed object from the ground.

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