Election Night Sighting

Election Night Sighting

Date: March 23, 1974

Location: Lindholmen, Sweden

Call me Anders.

On Saturday I left a local election celebration and decided to walk home, about 3 miles away.

I had had a few glasses but was still sober.

It was a starry, moonlit night and I decided to take a short cut that led over a hill.

As I was climbing, a bright light came from behind, which I thought was a fast car.

I moved off the road onto the grass verge and then I realized it was not a car.

The light passed right over me, almost touching my head, very quick.

Then I found myself immediately outside my home in Lindholmen, ringing the doorbell frantically.

When my wife opened the door, she saw that I had a wound in my forehead and my cheek was burnt.

The next day I telephoned the National Defence and was interviewed in detail by two investigators.

They told me there were other witnesses, a woman cyclist reported seeing a light at the same time

I did and a couple driving nearby saw what they thought was a new water tower with extremely bright lights shining out of its windows, later they realized there was no water tower at that spot.

I still have a scar on my face to this day.

Whenever I touch it I feel a tingling sensation and I experience a wonderful feeling of oneness, of unity with the Earth itself.

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