Anchorage UFO & Possible Crash

Anchorage UFO & Possible Crash

Date: June 10, 1949

Location: Anchorage, AK

A disk, first visible at about 10,000' elevation at a distance of about 10 miles, became noticeable as it proceeded southsouthwest and emerged from behind the southern profile of the Chugach Range.

As it cleared the southernmost peak visible from Anchorage, viewed from approximately 12th and G streets, it made a right turn.

This turn was nearly a U turn and the disk proceeded northnortheast, now on the West side of the mountains and fully visible from the vantage point.

The disk was now an elevation lower than the mountain peaks, they are between 5,000' and 7,000'.

As the disk moved northnortheast it slowly lost altitude and moved closer to the vantage point.

The disk now appeared clearly disk shape with a slightly curved underside, a wider band slightly below the midpoint and a dome shaped top with windows just above the midpoint.

The windows appeared nearly clear yellow, as if from heat, and the craft was that color with slight glowing appearance of hot metal showing green, blue and orange very slightly.

The disk began to wobble as it descended and it was obvious it was about to crash.

There was no sound while it was in the air, although one expected to hear something, and there was no sound from the impact but there was a difference in sound, possibly a very low vibration.

I was a child when I observed this, in the company of adults.

The next day I was told that a group of government employees had been sent out to find any remaining debris.

They located the crash scene, crated their findings and sent them to Wright Patterson.

Because this occurred so very long ago I am not sure of the date but have given my best estimate.

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