There They are Again!

There They are Again!

Date: December 17, 1948 & March 31, 1949

Location: Ambridge, PA

At approximately 1:30 a.m., while working as a yardmaster in the railroad yard of the Spang-Chalfant Corporation, which is on the North side of Ambridge, PA., he sighted what appeared to be a formation of spherical objects, approximately the dimension of a late full moon.

These objects were first sighted at a 45° angle above the horizon to the North.

The objects appeared to be moving at a high rate of speed towards the South.

At this time, the top most object appeared to dive beneath the formation and accomplish a sharp 90° turn to the right.

This maneuver was followed by the rest of the formation.

The objects then disappeared very high above the horizon towards the West where they faded from the view of the observer.

All movements appeared to be definite as in controlled flight.

The objects seemed to be whitish or luminescent, and no exhaust vapors or flames were evidenced.

At the time of this sighting, the sky was clear, moonlit, and visibility according to the observer, was excellent.

It was estimated the objects were visible for approximately 30 seconds and appeared to be rotating around their axes.

No lights other than the overall luminescence of the object were apparent and no antennas, wings, fins, projections, propellers, slots, ducts or openings were visible.

At the time of the sighting Werner was standing near a railway switching locomotive, and therefore could not definitely state whether or not there was any noise emanating from the objects.

On April 26, 1949, Mr. Charles Sradomski, was interviewed at his home, and stated in substance that on March 31, 1949, at approximately 12:20 a.m., while working as scale man at track 11, freight yards, Spang-Chalfant Corp., which is approximately 2 miles North of Ambridge, PA. his attention was attracted by a shout from Peter Hildebrand, conductor, who pointed up into the sky and said:

There they are Again!

Sradomski was standing on the ground on the West side of a diesel locomotive.

He looked up to the East over the locomotive and about 45° from the horizon and saw a formation of what appeared to be about 40 round objects, each of which resembled 2 saucers placed together so that the top and bottom of the objects were convex.

The objects were estimated to be at approximately 15,000' to 20,000' altitude and at that altitude appeared to be about the size of a wall clock, approximately 18" in diameter.

They were golden in color and some appeared spotted darkly.

All appeared to be internally lit and there were no external projections or propellers.

There were no sounds, odors, vapor trails nor traces of exhaust.

The formation consisted of 3 V formed elements.

The first element was estimated to consist of 18 or 20 objects, the second element which followed immediately after the first consisted of approximately 11 or 12 objects and the third element which followed immediately after the second, definitely consisted of 8 objects.

The formation was travelling from East to West at what appeared to be tremendous speed, estimated at 1,500 MPH.

It passed directly over the Spang-Chalfant Corporation and turned South over the Jones & Laughlin plant which is directly West of Spang-Chalfant Corporation across the Ohio river.

The blast furnaces at Jones & Laughlin were in operation and cast a reddish glow into the sky.

Over that plant the third object from the lead on the left side of the last element seemed to drop out of the formation, bank to one side at approximately a 90° angle as if to observe below.

This object then resumed its place in the formation and the formation abruptly disappeared to the South.

Sradomski estimated that the objects were in his sight for 10 seconds or less as they passed through a huge break in some clouds.

The stars and Moon were visible, and visibility was good through this break in the clouds.

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