Amarillo UFO Sighting

Amarillo UFO Sighting

Date: July 20, 1987

Location: Amarillo, TX

I was 7 years old at the time of this event, my girlfriend's parents had just bought some land near Amarillo, and my parents followed her parents out to visit the property and hang out.

Though I do not know the exact location, I know it was within 10 miles of Amarillo. It was about midnight when we arrived, my girlfriend and I were drawn out into the field for some unknown reason. It was not typical for either of us to just wonder off into a dark field without our parents.

Her brother, my brother, and our parents were busy getting stuff out of their vehicles and apparently didn't notice we were walking off. When we got about 350' from the vehicles, an object appeared in the on the right side of us and hovered there.

It appeared without any noise 20' from us and about 30' above the ground. We both saw it appear, and froze as we looked at it. I felt paralyzed, but not afraid, and time seemed to have stood still. I first noticed the lights, which were emitting from large circular windows. As I looked into the windows it seemed as though there was some sort of thick colorful gas or liquid inside which pulsated in a way I had never seen.

To this day, the closest thing I can use to describe it is bioluminescence similar to a comb jellyfish, except that the colors swirled in the windows.

I also recall that it seemed like colors were included that I have never seen before, colors outside of our normal visual spectrum. The pulsating light coming from the windows mesmerized me, and I had a sense like something within the object was observing us.

I remained calm, but in awe of what I was seeing. I could see the top and bottom half of the object rotating in different directions because the windows were moving in opposite directions. The light from the windows did not shine on the ground, nor did they seem to illuminate the outside structure of the object. But I know it was not orbs, because the object's structure blocked out the sky and stars behind it.

This allowed me to see the general outline of the craft. Though I saw the windows moving around the craft in a circular motion, I saw no moving parts or dividing sections. The surface of the craft did not seem reflective, and was blacker than the night sky behind the object. I had the sense that something was being communicated, but had no way of knowing what.

Then suddenly the object zipped off in a straight line up into the sky and out of view. It was so fast that at one moment it was right there in front of us, and the next it was a tiny dot, gone. I have never seen anything move that fast in my life.

It did not cause movement of air, and made no sound as it ascended. Once the object had ascended, my girlfriend and I looked at each other with our jaws dropped in amazement. We then ran back to the vehicles.

Though the event seemed to take about 5 minutes, our parents and siblings were still getting the same stuff out of the vehicles when we had walked off. We both adamantly tried to tell them of what we had seen, but were ignored as they were preoccupied with getting stuff out of the vehicles.

After this event, many things occurred which are hard to explain, but I suspect may be related. My girlfriend and I never talked about it, and years later she passed away in her sleep, leaving me to be the sole living witness to the event. Until now, I have only told a handful of friends and family about my experience that night. I have searched various UFO photos for this particular object and the only one I have found which looks remotely similar in general shape is the famous Gulf Breeze UFO.

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