Oval Shaped Grayish Glowing Object

Oval Shaped Grayish Glowing Object

Date: May 12, 1966

Location: Indian Wells Beach, Amagansett, NY

There was added another incident to the East End flap with an account of another nighttime sighting, this time by a young couple near Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett.

The story caught the attention of Irving A. Greenfield, a paperback writer whose interest in UFOs was piqued after being told of a roaring red saucer seen by the children of a motel owner in Sag Harbor a month earlier.

The object allegedly caused the family dog to whine and bark.

A teenager interviewed by Greenfield described an oval shaped, grayish glowing object hovering over the top of the bathhouse at Indian Wells. Her description included 2 hatch like windows in its bottom. Both windows were lit. There were 2 white lights on each end of the oval and a red flashing light on its top.

She said her boyfriend then switched on his carís headlights, and the UFO rose quickly and headed West.

Interestingly, Greenfield added that the girl said her boyfriend were later questioned by 2 men after their story appeared.

She said she didnít know where the men were from, and added that her boyfriend was reluctant to talk about that meeting.

Whether these were the fabled men in black who allegedly discouraged UFO eyewitnesses from talking about their sightings is unknown.

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