UFO At Foothills Of The Wasatch Mountains

UFO At Foothills Of The Wasatch Mountains

Date: June 1, 1961

Location: Alpine, UT

I lived in a tiny town in Utah and had not heard of UFOs yet, but watched it with friends for about 45 minutes.

We lived in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. The cemetery was a high hill in the center of town, still is, and all of us kids liked to meet up in summer after the parents were asleep, on this hill to tell scary stories. We slept out in our sleeping bags in various friends yards, all summer, then would head up to the cemetery when the coast was clear.

It was always various numbers of us, never the same. This particular night, about 5 or so of us, I can't remember exactly who was there anymore, were telling stories when one of us pointed to the mountains and said:

What is that?

We looked, it was against the mountains to the east, large, metallic, and saucer shaped, with colored lights flashing off and on in a circular direction.

At first we were afraid and stood up to head for home. One of the boys said:

They already know we are here, so no point in running.

We sat back down and continued with our stories. We were not afraid any more, but still occasionally monitored it. Eventually, after about 45 minutes or so, someone noticed it was gone.

We finished our stories and went home. I don't remember any of us ever talking about it again. When I look back on it now, I wonder at how we were so nonchalant about it, and how it was that one of us said:

They know we are here.

Our ages at that time were about 14 to 16. I was 14 at that time and moved away with my family when I was 16, never saw those kids again.

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