There Were Lights On The Object III

There Were Lights On The Object III

Date: May 15, 1952

Location: Allyn, WA

An object with many lights flew parallel to my mother's car for several minutes.

Then the car came to a gradual halt on side of the road.

Mother found herself inside the thing, not remembering how she got there.

She told of being thoroughly examined by smallish grey creatures with large eyes.

There was mention of something inserted into or behind her ear.

She reiterated that she was not afraid.

Inside of craft had things on the walls which weren't maps.

I assume they were celestial charts.

As she was going to pick up my dad in Bremerton, WA there were 3 hours unaccountd for from the time she left me in Olympia, WA.

Her life changed drastically after that and she began drinking.

She died at age 62, in 1976.

And though the incident was in 1952, she told no one of it until about 2 months before she passed away.

I believe she thought she was crazy, which was not in evidence.

Though I blame the incident for her troubles.

This all happened before the famous incident back East, involving the interracial couple, Betty & Barney Hill, so I know it was not a figment of her imagination.

Too many things happened after that that can only be explained by her trauma.

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