It Was Extremely Noisy

It Was Extremely Noisy

March 15, 1946

Location: Alice, TX

I was leaving the school building after most other students were gone.

As I stepped out the front door, I heard a sound like an unmuffled outboard engine to my left, South.

I saw nothing, so I stepped down to the sidewalk for a better view.

There were no vehicles on the street.

The sound was coming toward me rapidly, and then I realized it was above the surface.

I was under large trees, so I went to the middle of the street where I could see straight up.

A disk of dull metallic color came into view.

It was travelling right up the street at approximately 100 mph.

There was a 1,000' overcast and it was about 200' below that.

I estimated it to be 40' in diameter.

I could see no propeller, control surfaces or landing gear.

As it was passing overhead, the noise got so loud that I put my hands over my ears, but it did not help at all.

I can now compare the noise to an unending stream of 50 caliber rounds passing close by.

At the time, I was 14 years old and had just started flying lessons.

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