Looked Like A Moving Star & Stationary Star

Looked Like A Moving Star & Stationary Star

Date: June 30, 1957

Location: Albany, CA

What looked like a moving star and a stationary star seemed to collide, whereupon the stationary star also began to move.

I think this happened in or about 1957, I was a child, sleeping in a sleeping bag in the back yard, and I think it was in the summer, when nights are warmer.

I'd often see red lights, seemingly the size of stars, floating in the sky, but they'd be blinking, which I'd been told meant that these were airplanes.

Sometimes, I recall, I'd see a solid white light and a red flashing light in close proximity and moving in close conjunction, also airplanes, I think.

However, this time I saw an unblinking red light and a white light that weren't in conjunction at first.

One of the lights, I think it was the red light, that looked just like a red star.

Was moving silently, perhaps more or less in a northerleasterly direction.

It approached what looked just like a stationary white star, and then seemed to hit the white star, which then moved in more or less the same direction that the red star had been taking, but off at a bit of an angle.

The red "star" kept moving, and may have continued in its course without altering its direction of travel.

In any case, both stars silently kept on, until they were out of sight, I think.

They really seemed to be stars to me at the time, though I don't know how this could be the case.

An unclear thing in terms of my memory is that it could have been the white star that hit the red star, but I think it was as I mentioned above, that the red star hit the white star.

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