Strange Orb

Strange Orb

Date: February 27, 1936

Location: Albany, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I was playing at my friend's home after supper and her mother worriedly reminded me it was later than she realized.

Her older daughter was away.

There was nobody to walk me home.

I bravely said i would be ok, I walked back and forth to school alone.

But not at dusk, she said worriedly.

About halfway home something I saw across the fields of my father's farm alerted me.

Balls of light like balloons in the sky, floating about.

No, more like playing tag, perhaps.

Quickly, one came speeding in a straight line towards me and I frantically looked for a place to hide, feeling it had spotted me and I was in some kind of mortal danger.

It was overhead in an instant.

As I looked up, a terrible feeling of weakness seemed to root me to the spot and cause a strange beating of my heart.

On looking back I could have been abducted but not for long.

There seems to have been a short interval, because my next memory is of standing alone on the gravelled road.

A little Of fire, I later described to my parents as being as big as the barn, but not high like the barn.

At that moment I could only relate to something biblical, the end of the world, as I gazed in terror.

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