Bright Object Similar To Flying Wing

Bright Object Similar To Flying Wing

Date: June 6, 1956

Location: Akron, OH

I was walking home from a movie one evening.

I had just passed the Rubber Bowl on George Washington Blvd, in southeast Akron, when the sky behind me lit up.

I thought someone had turned on the lights in the stadium, so I turned around to look.

Out of the night sky, from the North, came a bright object.

It was in a shallow dive.

At that moment it seemed to have slightly elongated wing tips and a very bright whitish glow.

It was silent, but I could definitely feel its presence in the sky above me.

It slowed as it passed almost directly over head, perhaps 2,000' above me.

Then it picked up speed and climbed away at about a 45° upward angle, going South.

It was gone in less than half a minute and the sky became black again.

Estimated entry speed was over 600 mph, overhead speed was about 100 mph.

And estimated exit speed accelerated from 100 mph to well over 1,000 mph before it was out of sight.

Overall estimated distance that the object appeared visible was 3 miles, overhead about 1 mile.

Departure probably 20 miles, before going totally out of sight.

I have seen meteors, artillery shells, tracer bullets, and all kinds of aircraft flying at night.

And there has been nothing that I've ever seen that behaved like this object.

Once overhead, I could see that it was slightly curved all across the leading edge, from tip to tip, and had 2 smaller curves meeting in the center, at the trailing edge.

It had no distinguishable fuselage in the center.

A guess at the size would be 100' tip to tip and 30' leading edge to trailing edge.

It could have been 8' thick in the center area, but I only got a glimpse at that, as it was coming toward me and going away.

There was a lot of very bright light nearest the object, this light was longer and brighter span wise.

It was smooth, with no exterior features, lights or markings.

I was not close enough to determine if it was made out of metal, ceramic or other substance, but its surface did have a bright white glow about it.

That's all I can tell you.

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