Airship Viewed By Telescope

Airship Viewed By Telescope

Date: April 15, 1897

Location: St Louis, MO

The airship visited St. Louis again Thursday night. This time the bright searchlight was not only seen by thousands, but the object was observed through a telescope and the outlines of the craft were seen. The observer was a medical doctor. Dr. Caplan is a dabbler in astronomy and frequently gazes at the heavenly bodies. He knows that he did not see a star:

I was walking to my home on Washington Ave. last night about 7:45 p.m., when I saw a bright light almost overhead. It was northwest of the zenith. But the moment I saw this light I realized it was something unusual and I hastened home, ran to the roof and brought my telescope to bear on the object.

Before taking a sight I noticed the light was swaying from side to side. The effect was exactly that of a searchlight that was being manipulated. The moment I looked through the glass I discovered a long black body behind the light. It was exactly the cigar shape that has been described.

I thought something must be the matter with the lens and I turned the telescope on different stars and planets. There was no unnatural effect evident and I brought the glass to bear again on the mysterious visitor. At first I could not locate the light, then I found that it had moved several degrees to the north. When I caught it again I once more made out the cigar shaped craft. The airship moved over considerable space in 5 minutes, and I followed it all the time.

It took a northwesterly course, then veered to the west and finally to north. Then it darted off in that direction and was lost to sight. I had the light in view fully 10 minutes from the time I first saw it on the street.

It could not have been a star? No sir. I looked at Venus, at Sirius and other bright stars several times, then back at the mysterious object. Besides, through my glass the object behind the light was distinctly visible.

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