While Airborne

While Airborne

Date: 2000

Location: Over Atlantic Ocean

I've been asked to give my UFO account.

The time and dates elude me but it was around the beginning of this century.

I was on a flight from the United Kingdom to Atlanta.

I was sat just forward of the left wing by the window sat alone.

I'm unable to sleep anywhere other than in bed so was reading a book.

It was just after dawn, the sky was clear blue with a few wispy white clouds.

I looked out of the window and saw what looked like a skyscraper, ahead to the left and below the plane.

I immediately thought I'd against all odds,fallen asleep and we were approaching our destination.

I glanced to the flight indicator and we were flying around 35,000' half way across the Atlantic.

I looked back out of the window and we were approaching the skyscraper which appeared to be static.

It was still below our height.

It's hard to estimate size but it appeared to be big, it was completely black, dull not shiny it was shaped like the Empire State Building and was pointing straight up.

The lower portion of the object was obscured by the white cloud and I soon lost sight of it behind the wing.

The passengers around me were sleeping so I don't think anyone else witnessed it.

I don't drink or do drugs, have never to my knowledge hallucinated and was a serving police officer at the time so used to making observations.

I spent the rest of the journey trying to rationalize what I'd seen.

To my regret I never asked any of the flight crew if they'd seen it, as I was I suppose in denial.

I was meeting my girlfriend at the airport and told her what I'd seen.

She has zero interest in the subject and so the conversation ended there.

When I returned to the UK, I told my best friend what I'd seen but no one else.

I then inexplicably forget all about it.

It was only several years later that it popped back into my head.

It was only when my friend and girlfriend said they remembered me telling them about it that I began to trust the memory.

At the time of the incident my interest in UFOs began and ended with Star Trek.

That is my one and only experience.

If it's something we made then they are really good at keeping secrets and far more advanced than I thought.

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