Weirdness Began At Age 5

Weirdness Began At Age 5

Date: Unknown

Location: Unknown

To understand why Jack believes that strange men or beings disguised as humans have been harassing him for most of his life, we begin with a bizarre memory he has of an incident that occurred when he was about age 5.

Jack was a kindergarten kid in Loch Raven, Maryland, a northern suburb of Baltimore, where he enjoyed playing with other neighborhood kids in a wooded green belt behind his home.

It was an ideal playground with paths between the trees and populated with little forts and tree houses.

One Saturday morning, young Jack met a new friend in the woods who was slightly taller than him and whose appearance made Jack feel uncomfortable.

He recalls that the kid, had no hair and big eyes.

Jack's 5 year old mind presumed the boy was a burn victim, like another kid who he knew in school.

He thought that the boy's eyes looked oversized because his eyelids had been burned off and noticed that the strange boy was wearing an unusual looking one piece outfit with a high collar.

Though feeling uneasy, little Jack followed his new friend through the woods toward a humming noise.

While they walked, the boy showed Jack a toy he was carrying, a square looking piece of paper that looked more like tin.

One side of the object looked like paper but the other side was very strange.

It was emitting what could be explained as a beam of light, except that the beam emitted the opposite of light.

It was a beam of darkness, Jack remembers.

It would behave like a flashlight but it would flood the trees and bushes in the beam of night, not light.

It also made a buzzing sound when it was turned on.

That's when things became frightening to young Jack.

As they continued down the path in the woods, they approached two other boys that resembled his new friend.

One of them stood taller then the others, looked thinner and appeared almost praying mantis like.

Behind the odd trio was a metallic craft the size of a small van and the source of the humming sound he was hearing.

The sight of the taller being frightened Jack, and he started to run home.

The toy object was turned on and aimed at him.

Jack was enveloped in the dark beam and lost consciousness.

He woke up sometime later near where he had seen the craft, which was now gone along with the 3 beings.

Jack does not know how long he was out but recalls waking up with bumps and bruises.

His leg was wounded and left with a scoop mark that remains to this day.

It's a mark commonly found on the bodies of people who claim to have had an abduction experience or mysterious occurrences of lost time.

It looks as if someone took a melon baller tool and scooped a perfect BB size piece of flesh from my leg, describes Jack.

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