Adak Island Military Man With Top Secret Clearance Spots UFO

Adak Island Military Man With Top Secret Clearance Spots UFO

Date: 1972 or 1973

Location: Adak Island, Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Okay let me get my papers together.

I kept my Navy papers and I can prove I was stationed there. I was a radioman with a top secret clearance.

I was stationed at the navfac unit with ocean system technicians, it either late Fall or early Spring maybe as late as May of 1973.

We knew the guys that operated the large microwave dish antennas and they told us we would be able to see our astronautsastronauts going by in orbit if the sky was clear. We went out that night, spotted our astronauts in orbit.

We waited for it to come around again and when it did an object, just pinpoint of light about as large as our capsule came shooting in at a high rate of speed and kind of zig zagged around the astronauts and making right angle maneuvers then shot back out and was gone. This all took about 5 seconds.

My friend and I both looked at each other and said:

Did you see that?

We both knew we could not talk about it because of our clearances. I donít remember if this was the last Apollo mission or was it one of the unmanned Skylab missions.

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