Result Of A Telepathic Request

Result Of A Telepathic Request

Date: May 17, 1956

Location: Ada, OK

This was a result of a prayer or telepathic request.

SETI is a load of crap.

This is all true.

In 1956 I was interested in flying saucers and read the books of the time, I was 12 years old.

I decided one day to pray to see some.

On May 17 1956 I was standing against a basketball pole outside during recess, in 6th grade.

I was waiting but did not know why. then a whole formation of concave on the bottom with a darker center metallic craft appeared in tight military review formation.

They were soundless as death and went over the Portland cement plant going North.

There were 5 groups of 4 each in offset vee one behind the other.

I carefully noted all details and then started yelling to other kids.

Most were playing softball on the other end of the field.

A friend I had saw the last group of 4 before they went behind the smoke from the cement plant stacks.

I ran thinking they would come out the other side but nothing appeared except something that had a reddish green glow and seemed to be turning.

We had the report placed in the local newspaper.

I received a letter from Civilian Flying Saucer Intelligence in Seattle.

I was made Oklahoma State Director.

I also had a friend of my father who was in the Air Force Reserve send a report to the Pentagon and I received a reply from Timothy R. Johnson, Directorate of Intelligence.

Brian Vike thinks I am a liar and has censored me.

It was not the last.

Read between the lines, that is all I can say.

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