Schoolboy Snaps Best Ever UFO Image

Schoolboy Snaps Best Ever UFO Image

Date: 2015

Location: Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, India

Abhijit Gupta, from Kanpur in India, claims he was taking photos of clouds when he recorded the image of a perfect disk shaped flying saucer in the skies above his hometown in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He also snapped a slightly different looking craft.

The alleged sightings created a flurry of interest from 'xperts of Unidentified Flying Objects, UFOs, with some branding them final proof that aliens and UFOs exist.

Abhijit, a 5th grade pupil, said:

I like nature photography and when I saw various shapes of clouds in the sky I started clicking pictures on my phone.

While I was going through the clicked pictures in the photo gallery, I saw a round object in the photographs and when I zoomed to take a closer look at it, I noticed it was a UFO.

Details of the sighting have gone global and been analyzed by UFO researchers after a TV news report of the photo was aired in India.

One poster on a UFO sightings website said:

Come on, this is irrefutable proof aliens are visiting us. It is not blurry, there is a clear sharp image of the craft, what do the non believers say about this?

Others have raised doubts about its authenticity, suggesting that the UFO has been added to the photograph by computer technology.

However Abhijit's dad Santosh Gupta insisted the pictures are authentic, and no trick or technology was used, and he called for experts to have the images tested in lab conditions to prove this.

He said:

When we checked the pictures snapped by our son, we saw red light spotting around the white colored round object and it appeared as if white smoke was emitting from the center of the object.

We found identical UFO images to both in the boy's pictures in several other alleged real UFO pictures online, including one allegedly taken by Indian Army Major Sebastian Zachariah over a beach in the Indian state of Kerala in 2013 and another the same year in California, U.S.

We discovered these 2 were later exposed as hoaxes and the image comes from a mobile phone app called Camera360.

There are a number of such apps that allow users to insert a realistic UFO image into genuine photos they take, which can then be softened, stretched and reangled to try to make it part of the picture or look different.

Phone apped UFO and ghost pictures are causing a major headache for genuine paranormal researchers as several of the pictures make it online, creating a buzz of interest that they are the real thing, before they are later found to be a hoax.

One individual said:

Today, investigators have something new to contend with, and with great irony it is employed by one of the greatest tools Ufology has for the 21st century,the cell phone camera, or more specifically various Apps therein.

Android applications like UFO Photo Prank, UFO Camera, UFO Photo Bomb, and Camera360 have gained notoriety recently, as examples of hoaxed UFO photos been published by mainstream media outlets around the world.

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