Heard And Saw Sparks Coming From A Dark, Hovering Object

Heard And Saw Sparks Coming From A Dark, Hovering Object

Date: April 24, 1950

Location: Abbiate Guazzone, Italy

Between Tradate & Abbiate, 42 year old Bruno Facchini heard and saw sparks coming from a dark, hovering object.

Near which a man dressed in tight fitting clothes and wearing a helmet seemed to be making repairs.

3 other 6' tall pallid beings, each wearing a diver's suit and helmet, were seen near the craft.

Bruno is hit with a light beam.

When the work was finished, a trap through which light had been shining was closed and the thing took off.

The witness had the time to note many details of the machine and its occupants.

After the UFO departs, it leaves behind traces of a strange frictionless metal in the soil.

A physical analysis was made.

Physiological effects were noted.

Attracted by a flickering light, Bruno Facchini, 40, came upon an oblate spheroid 30' wide and 18' high, from which a little flight of steps led to the ground.

Its surface was checkered by stripes, around it was a circle of pipes in threes.

Inside the UFO, Facchini could see pipes, cylinders, and gauges. 3 or 4 men of normal height, in diving suits, were seen, one seemed to be welding a pipe, all moved slowly.

The suits had earphones and transparent faceplates, which seemed to contain liquid, the faces behind the faceplates were pale.

Facchini walked up and asked if they needed help, the men gesticulated and replied something like Grr Grr.

Realizing they were extraterrestrial, Facchini ran, one of the men pointed a camera at him, which emitted a force beam that knocked him down.

He lay there terrified and saw the repairman finish his work, the stairs fold up, and the object rise vertically with loud drone and a chuff.

The next day 4 round marks were found, forming a 18' square, as well as several bits of metal, identified on analysis as an antifriction leaded bronze.

Pains in his back lasted for a month.

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