Pilots Forced To Abandon Mission

Pilots Forced To Abandon Mission

Date: 1944

Location: Romania

Soviet pilot, Boris Surikov and his commander, Major Bajenov, had their own experience with a large and unrecognizable craft in the air.

Perhaps making the incident even more pressured was the fact that the Soviet pilots were carrying a full bomb load.

On course to bomb oil refineries used by the Germans in Romania, the strange object joined them over South Ukraine.

The effect on their plane was instant.

The oil pressure began to shoot instantly upwards, while the exterior began to shake violently.

Whenever the pilots would get too close to the cockpit window they could also feel an electrical surge.

All the while, the undetonated and fully loaded bombs sat ready to fulfill their purpose.

These effects would continue even after the craft had vanished from sight.

Eventually, the pilots decided to jettison their bombs right where they were.

They then, slowly, allowing for time, made their way back to their base.

They would keep the incident to themselves, instead telling their superiors that they had dropped the payload on their targets.

To admit abandoning their mission would likely have led the 2 pilots to military charges.

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