It Was No Plane We Saw

It Was No Plane We Saw

Date: November 4, 2014

Location: Ashford, Kent, England

We were sitting in the garden, sky was perfectly blue without cloud. I heard a jet flying over, looked up and noticed a Easyjet Airbus A319, however about 2000' to 3000' directly above jet, there was a completely stationery bright silver object.

Metallic in appearance, cylinder shape and other features. Approximately every 15 seconds it would appear to pulse briefly, giving the appearance of vanishing, it would then reappear in exactly the same position, slightly black briefly before regaining the silver tube appearance. It was high and I remember thinking surely the jet would have identified another object with radar. We watched it for around 6 minutes when it completely vanished.

No sound or lights of any form. I know my planes extremely well, but this for me was stunning sighting on the off chance of looking up and clear skies. It was to high to try a record with my mobile phone. Location wise it was approximately above Ashford South.

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