A Strange Phenomenon

A Strange Phenomenon

Date Reported: Spring - 2011

Location: Mexico

This happened to my daughter, when coming home from an after school activity.

I was home, and I found it very strange that as soon as she came in the door she went straight to where I was and leaned against me in silence.

I could see that she was pale and still a bit shaken.

This is what she told me:

It was during the early afternoon hours, maybe 4:00 p.m., and she was walking down a street that she normally walked to get from the bus stop to home.

There is nothing odd about this street except that there is a kindergarten and a small elementary school on that street and the fact that there are several pylons on that street.

She was walking by an area where there is an empty lot.

She was the only one walking on that side of the street, when she sees another, what appears to be, a young girl about 14 walking in her direction.

She noticed that this person was wearing strange clothes, like old fashioned and/or handmade and clearly out of place.

She also noticed that this person had long stringy hair that covered a part of her face.

This person was walking, looking down at the floor, but my daughter also noticed that this person had very high, and thin cheekbones.

She began to feel very afraid and also a bit nauseated.

Her instinct told her to get off the sidewalk and let this person pass.

Her heart was racing.

But as the person came closer, she began to get second thoughts.

My daughter began to feel like something in her was telling her that her thoughts were silly and that she had no reason to be fearful and that she should continue walking on the sidewalk, which she did, contrary to her instinct.

As she went by this girl, the girl finally raised her eyes to meet my daughter's and my daughter noticed that her eyes were completely black and expressionless.

My daughter felt a chill run up her spine and she ran home, she didn't stop to even look back.

She just took off until she made it home, about 3 blocks away.

She had never heard of the black eyed kids before, but when she told me the story, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Strangely, I have read another person's story about seeing these BEKs around the same year as my daughter's encounter, in a small town up by the volcano of Colima mere 30 minute drive from our house.

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