Teenagers Encounter Black Eyed Kid That Vanished Into Woods

Teenagers Encounter Black Eyed Kid That Vanished Into Woods

Date: Summer - 2021

Location: Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England

2 teenagers have recalled a terrifying encounter with the black eyed kid at a Staffordshire forest.

The couple claimed a ghostly girl encircled their tent while giggling and moving in ways humans simply can't move to hide behind trees.

There have been sightings of her around Cannock Chase since the 1980s.

While some dismiss the claims, others believe it is the tormented soul of a young girl who was murdered in the area during the 1960s.

While some are even convinced it is an alien or demon.

Kylie & Ben say they saw the ghoul at Birches Valley during the summer of 2021.

Both teenagers, whose names have been changed to protect their identity, had been separated due to the Covid pandemic, so decided to camp illegally together in the middle of the forest.

The teens, who were 17 at the time, recounted their ordeal to supernatural investigator and author Lee Brickley.

It was around midnight when the teens heard something moving around outside their tent.

Thinking it could be a deer, they remained still and quiet, not wishing to spook it.

But when they realized they could hear footsteps, they unzipped the tent to take a peek.

Both campers heard the sound of a small child giggling so they turned on their torches, lighting up the dark woodland to try and find the source.

Ben spotted it first, running from tree to tree, hiding itself behind the trunks and occasionally peering out towards the couple before finally stepped out into the clearing in front of them.

Kylie said that he was absolutely terrified.

I'd read the stories in the news about the black eyed kid, but it wasn't until the thing stood right in front of me that I could quite believe them.

He knew instantly that they were dealing with the real thing because it moved in ways humans simply can't move.

It was like it could teleport from one place to another when it was moving around and hiding behind the trees.

Ben added that he was shining my torch right at her and she just stood there staring at us with her head slightly dipped.

That's when the giggling started to get louder and louder.

It really sounded like it was coming from all around us even though I could see she was right in front of us.

It was really disorientating for a few seconds.

Then she bent down for a moment as if adjusting her shoes, stood back up, and ran off down a nearby path through a dense section of trees.

The frightened pair huddled together in their tent, waiting for the sun to rise.

When they came outdoors at 7:00 a.m., they found piles of stones evenly spaced around the perimeter of their tent and strange stick formations hanging from the trees, which looked like dream-catchers.

Slightly shaken, they packed up and started the 15 minute walk back to Ben's car.

It was then that Kylie spotted a small child with black eyes peering back at her from behind an oak tree and screamed.

Ben said he shouted to leave them alone, as the pair ran off towards his vehicle.

Investigators have been looking into the spooky goings-on at Cannock Chase for the last decade.

They believe many others have had own encounters with the black eyed kid in Birches Valley through the years.

On investigator said that she appeared about 300' in front of him.

She stared right at him for about 30 seconds, then vanished without a trace.

The same investigator also claims to have witnessed someone in an old soldier's uniform walk into the German War Cemetery, only to follow him inside and discover it had disappeared.

Referring to why these investigators believe there is so much supernatural activity at the site, They related that they tend to believe that Cannock Chase is somewhat of a paranormal portal area where beings and entities from the next world can migrate into our own.

They believe the woods are haunted with many spirits of the dead, but there are also lots of monster sightings that happen here, and we think those creatures come from another, much darker place.

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